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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Perfect Place to get all your Wedding Snacks #KICKASSBEEFJERKY #KICKASS #BEEFJERKY #PRODUCTREVIEW

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When we do a product review because we have such a large following from babies to heads of Corporations, Celebrities, homeschoolers, etc.. We strive to look at all aspects of a business. Kickass snacks were very generous with us and sent us a nice display of their products. My first thought was this is a perfect way for any restaurant, snackbar, bar, etc. to purchase all their snacks for their snackbar. Great for sales reps too as many sales reps need something handy in the car or at the office for clientelle. A wonderful snack for the home as well. Clay is a type 2 diabetic and I am forever trying to find hardy snacks that HE LIKES. Kick ass was a winner for the diabetic in our home ! I am on the opposite end and have low sugar and any thing quick and full of protein works for me running a farm, a blog, a home, etc.. keeps me super busy. I am committed to all my jobs and am happiest when I am busy. I do cook, but when I am working I like to grab something quick and full of energy and HEALTHY. That was my favorite part of kickassBeefJerky these snacks are good for me and not loaded with sugar. Now on to the taste.. EXCELLENT! We had a ball trying things - the pickled items were wonderful perfect for HOLIDAY parties! The stuffed mushrooms and pickled greenbeans are a must for your Holiday parties ... also perfect for Holiday Weddings!!! All said this company was professional, perfectly packaged, tasted like their name KICKASS! and wonderful all around. Please take some time to look around this company site. Make it easy on yourself for all your Holiday celebrations and gift giving buy some kickass snacks! We did receive our products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

  If you would like me to do a product review for you it is free and a great way to get your brand name out there! Email me at

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