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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A Wedding like no other with Wicked Whoopies!

Wicked Original Variety Pack

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Don't know what to give this year? How about giving your loved ones- co workers - Holiday Wedding guests, etc.. some Wicked Whoopies! We were sent a couple dozen of Wicked Whoopies for our honest review. The first thing I noticed was how heavy the box was.. and when we opened up the box if was filled with bright cheerful goodness! We tried out the Wicked Whoopies and they were scrump-de-a-diddlity- delicous! They looked so joyful they are perfect to bring to a office party or to a christmas party and to save yourself hours of baking or buying a gift that you don't know where go over big. They also were Huge and can be cut in half or even
 in quarters or eating whole. We give this product a 5 out of 5 stars. We received this product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged. 

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Perfect Place to get all your Wedding Snacks #KICKASSBEEFJERKY #KICKASS #BEEFJERKY #PRODUCTREVIEW

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When we do a product review because we have such a large following from babies to heads of Corporations, Celebrities, homeschoolers, etc.. We strive to look at all aspects of a business. Kickass snacks were very generous with us and sent us a nice display of their products. My first thought was this is a perfect way for any restaurant, snackbar, bar, etc. to purchase all their snacks for their snackbar. Great for sales reps too as many sales reps need something handy in the car or at the office for clientelle. A wonderful snack for the home as well. Clay is a type 2 diabetic and I am forever trying to find hardy snacks that HE LIKES. Kick ass was a winner for the diabetic in our home ! I am on the opposite end and have low sugar and any thing quick and full of protein works for me running a farm, a blog, a home, etc.. keeps me super busy. I am committed to all my jobs and am happiest when I am busy. I do cook, but when I am working I like to grab something quick and full of energy and HEALTHY. That was my favorite part of kickassBeefJerky these snacks are good for me and not loaded with sugar. Now on to the taste.. EXCELLENT! We had a ball trying things - the pickled items were wonderful perfect for HOLIDAY parties! The stuffed mushrooms and pickled greenbeans are a must for your Holiday parties ... also perfect for Holiday Weddings!!! All said this company was professional, perfectly packaged, tasted like their name KICKASS! and wonderful all around. Please take some time to look around this company site. Make it easy on yourself for all your Holiday celebrations and gift giving buy some kickass snacks! We did receive our products for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Do a BBQ for your Country Wedding with Bone Suckin Sauce!

Image result for bone suckin sauceImage result for bone suckin sauce

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This product is delicious! We were sent a beautiful selection of sauces and spices from Bone Suckin' Sauce and YUM! YUM! Since we raise chickens what better way to try out this product than to make it with chicken! I boiled my chicken breasts for a hour and then lathered on the Bone suckin Hot Sauce followed by putting them in the oven (you can use the microwave too!)  to give it that crispy feel. Serve with a side of slaw and it makes a delicious hot wings with out the small pieces but a nice size chicken breast for each serving! There are so many wonderful flavors I can hardly wait to try them all! All I can say is that I loved the sauce because I could taste the flavor and not just heat! I did receive my product for review purposes and no monies were exchanged.

    Go for the look this fall! 

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Image result for Brides with beaded flowers    Long gone are the days when the bride tosses her bouquet to a single lady. Now the brides makes a 2nd bouquet or doesn't throw it at all!Related image    The groom is responsible to purchase the bride's bouquet so why not buy something that you can pass on for generations just like the wedding dress. Go for the beaded bouquet!Related image   You may have to search hard to find someone that does the workmanship that you want or you may be sentimental and want to make your own or have a friend do it. You can purchase patterns or pay someone to do the work for you! Downton Button Bouquet in ivory, cream and mint green with pearl and fabric flower highlights: